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Nourish your body from the inside out by proper nutrition, without diets and restrictions.

Nutrition, as many other lifestyle habits are a big part of our life and can impact our wellbeing positively as well as negatively. Actually, many chronic health problems can come from the physical stress of inappropriate nutrition and poorly functioning metabolism. 


If our system is not supported by proper nutrition, many aspects of our health can be affected ranging from physical to mental. Inadequate nutrition has been linked to many degenerative diseases and psychological conditions.  This can present as problems with the immune system, metabolism, mental health and mood, heart disease, infertility, thyroid, body temperature, sleep, digestion, pain, joint and tissue swelling, weight gain or loss, hair loss, skin problems, inability to solve problems, and hormonal balance.

Note that we don´t focus on weight loss primarily. We believe the right weight comes with the right health as a result of a healthy lifestyle and appropriate nutrition suitable for the individual. This shift from an inflamed system not being to heal chronic health problems or loose weight to the well-functioning system can take weeks, months and even years. We do not take a one size fits all regarding nutrition and take the time to understand what will work for an individual.


This coaching includes:

  • History taking, your story, and  your goals

  • Analysis of nutrition and eating habits

  • Analysis of blood work and other tests (these tests need to be done outside of ROOTS)

  • Online materials + recipe index available

  • Personalised recommendations regarding nutrition and lifestyle changes


(consultations personally or online)


  1. Online intake form

  2. Initial personal or online 90-minute consultation

  3. Entrance to member area offering online materials, recipe index, guidelines for other lifestyle and health habits

  4. Follow-up consultations and additional services (monthly support, assisted shopping, other..)

6. Make suggestions to see other specialists

to address specific problems


(coaching can be adapted

according to needs, goals, and preference)


Do you want to discuss your case with us to see if the Roots approach is right for you?

Please, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


This coaching is available to everyone and can be entered separately or after a recommendation from another practitioner.


Check out how it works here


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