Online and telephone virtual consultations 

Since 2014 we have performed over 20,000 consultations.

This includes in clinics and at international sporting events.

Recently we have been working on ways to help teach individuals about how to improve and better manage their health, injuries, aches and pains. This can be done from the comfort of your own home.

what we offer:

- custom-designed plan action to address acute and chronic pain 

- we focus on nutrition, exercise and movement, breathing, sleep optimisation, pain management techniques and psychology

- we help to identify the drivers to the problems you may be having

How does it work: 

- A consultation can be booked online or through the phone. 

- We will send you an intake form to complete and send back to us

- We will discuss your case, take history of the complaint, discuss any investigative results you may have had in the past. With the help of video we can discuss and examine your posture, gait and health status. 

- The initial consultation will be 40min-90min. Depending on the case. 

- Follow consultation will also be dependent on the case but expect 40-60min

- What do I need to prepare. Uninterrupted time for the appointment. Comfortable clothing. Phone, laptop with a functioning camera that can be placed in different positions. If your case requires that a family member needs to help you then we will explain to them how as long as they are present.

- The cost is a donation of your choice. We are here to help in these hard times. 

- This is not a mass production program that fixes all problems. Based on our years of experience, we will work with you to design plan to improve your health, aches, pains and wellbeing.

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