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Online consultation and coaching

Learn how to manage your pain, mood and general health in times when it is needed the most!

We focus on nutrition, exercise and movement, breathing, sleep optimisation, psychology and natural pain management techniques to use at home without seeing a physiotherapist, chiropractor or other manual therapists. All these areas are important for creating and sustaining a healthy immune system and resistance to mental and physical stressors.

  • custom-designed plan of action to address acute and chronic pain in your own home

  • we help to identify the drivers to the problems you may be having

  • guidance for healthy nutrition supporting your metabolism, immune system and general health

  • natural ways how to cope with flu and cold-like symptoms through a functional approach

  • We will send you an intake form to complete and send back to us

  • We will discuss your case, take a history of the complaint, discuss any investigative results you may have had in the past. With the help of video, we can discuss and examine your posture, gait and health status. 

  • The initial consultation will be 40min-90min. Depending on the case. Follow consultation will also be dependent on the case but expect 40-60min

  • What do I need to prepare? Uninterrupted time for the appointment. Comfortable clothing. Phone or laptop with a functioning camera that can be placed in different positions. If you have a family member that can be of assistance then it can be beneficial


This service can be booked by

phone: +420 733 304 524



or online through clicking on the button below

Do you want to discuss your case with us to see if the Roots approach is right for you?

Please, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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