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Reviews and Testimonials

I have 3 titanium discs in my neck and 1 herniate disc in my lower spine. Found Roots only because I was in so much pain with loss of mobility. Normally avoid chiropractors because of a bad experience I had in Los Angeles but I really had to try anything I could. I could tell he was different from the moment we met. He really understood how to approach the issues and also respected my limits with the adjustments. Started to notice some real changes over the next weeks and I began trusting him more to go deeper with his adjustments. My body and my relationship with it have completely changed and I am really grateful to have found Marcin. Highly highly recommend!

Dr Dochnal is an absolute WIZARD! There is no other way to describe what he does for your pain besides “pure magic”! If you’re looking for an extremely knowledgeable Chiropractor, who speaks perfect English, in Prague, look no further than Roots Health Clinic. After months of travel with a backpack across Europe, my back was a complete mess. I have existing chronic issues including spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease & arthritis of the spine. It had been far too long without an adjustment, & I was in severe pain from a pinched nerve under my scapula (shoulder blade), & my lower back felt “locked up” as well. After seeing great reviews for ROOTS, I sent an “emergency” email to their office on Monday evening, in hopes of MAYBE getting squeezed in sometime in the next few following days. Marcin did me one better: he reached out to me almost immediately on WhatsApp, & knowing I was in acute pain, & despite the fact that he was leaving on holiday in the morning, he met me at the office at 9pm that same night (only a couple hours after I sent my email). While it wasn’t cheap for a last minute, after hours, emergency appointment (3900 czk), anyone who knows what severe back pain is like, also knows that you’d pay almost anything for relief, & Dr Dochnal did not disappoint. We discussed my issues at length, he gave me a thorough exam, & then he started to work on resolving my pain. He first did an adjustment IN MY JAW (of all places), which helped the pain in my shoulder. He then went deep into my armpit to help release some of the tension beneath my scapula. Next came a neck adjustment, followed by a deep adjustment of my lower back, & finally some acupuncture in both hips. He followed this up with some guidelines for exercises & other lifestyle improvements to help with my issues, & I’m not exaggerating when I say that I left his office a new man, pain free, & VERY relieved. It’s rare you find this combination of knowledge, compassion/ empathy & excellent service, but ROOTS & Dr Donchal check all the boxes. If you’ve got back or other structural issues, look no further. You will not find better in Prague (I’m not sure you’ll find better anywhere!). HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

What do our clients say?

Jan Kvita

Roots Health Clinic byla má první zkušenost s chiropraxí. K první návštěvě mě přiměl celostní přístup k problému, který Roots Health popisuje na svých webových stránkách. Skutečnost však předčila má očekávání. Marcin je skutečný profesionál s lidským přístupem a přesahem do životosprávy, pohybu a lékařství. Problém s krčním obratlem byl každou návštěvou lepší a zhruba po měsíci se cítím lépe než za poslední rok, co problémy začaly. Marcina rozhodně doporučuji - ať už při akutním problému, nebo lépe jako prevenci, pokud máte pocit, že něco přestává fungovat, jak má.

Katya M.

A couple of my colleagues (fitness instructors) recommended this clinic following a cycle accident. I've had great results and care from Marcin. My job is physically intense and my regular visits here keep me in top form and keep me working.

I've recommended this practice and Marcin to several of my fitness colleagues and friends too. 

Zuza Lotterová

Dokud jsem nenarazila na Roots Health Clinic, nemela jsem s chiropraxí žádné zkušenosti. Marcin a Ema jsou úžasní. Chiropraxe mi moc pomohla s mými bolestmi hlavy, krku a migrénami, naučila mě porozumět co mému tělu chybí a taky mě naučili cvičení pro celkové posílení těla. Marcin je odborník ve svém oboru.. hned po první návštěvě jsem se cítila skvěle a díky jeho péči je na mém stavu a kondici znát obrovský rozdíl.
Moc děkuju a budu se ráda vracet a doporučovat dál!

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