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Marcin Dochnal DC, Mchiro, BSc, ICCSP, MRCC

Doctor of Chiropractor

Marcin was born to Polish parents, grew up in Canada where he was introduced to chiropractic at the age of sixteen following a sports injury. His career involves working in multidisciplinary clinics in Cambridge, United Kingdom and collaborating with local hospitals. On a regular basis, Marcin cooperates with individual athletes and international sporting events.

Even outside of the practice, Marcin is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and movement. He spends his free time outdoors and over a good meal with friends and family.


2006-2010: Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario, Canada


2010-2014: Master of Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, United Kingdom


2010-2014: Certificate of referrer, operator and practitioner of medical imaging with exposure of ionising radiation in Bournemouth, United Kingdom


2010-2015: Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Chiropractic Examination Board, Toronto, Montreal Canada


2010-2015: Doctor of Chiropractic from the European Academy of Chiropractic, London United Kingdom​


2013-2016: Internationally Certified Sports Chiropractic Clinician 

Amsterdam Netherlands and Lausanne Switzerland​


2016-2019: Royal College of Chiropractors accredited member, Reading United Kingdom​

2010 - present: Continued Professional Development:

Gonstead Chiropractic Technique (Christchurch UK) 

Whiplash Assessment and Rehab (Bournemouth UK

Dry Needling (Bournemouth UK)

Rheumatology/Tendinopathies by Prof. Speed (Spire Lea Cambridge UK) 

Shockwave Therapy (Cambridge UK)

Migraine Charity UK, Speaker for Chiropractic. (Cambridge University UK) 

TMJ and Occlusion Testing by Dr. Jean Pierre Meersseman (Milan IT)

Chiropractic Symposium (Madrid ES)

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Adjusting (Bournemouth UK)

Gait Analysis (Stoke on Trent UK)

FIFA Medical Conference (London Wembley UK)

Vestibular Rehabilitation (Prague Motol Hospital)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation A+B (London UK  + Prague CZ) 

Parker Chiropractic Research Seminars ( Las Vegas USA)

Rehab Congress by Prof. Pavel Kolář and Dr. Stuart McGill (Amsterdam NL)

International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (Amsterdam NL)

Muscle Testing by Dr. Simon King (London UK)

Movement workshops with Jiri Cumpelik (Prague CZ)

Foot and leg manipulation with MPI (Bournemouth UK)


Michal Jonáš  MSc, BSc


Michal is originally from the Moravian-Silesian region where he played ice hockey on a professional level. His sports experience sparked his interest in physiotherapy and manual therapies. 

Upon graduating from physiotherapy and finishing his internships in rehabilitation at various hospitals, Michal started working with the Czech national basketball team as a physiotherapist.

Michal has joined Roots Clinic to put his manual therapy skills to work and continue helping people who have acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints.


2020 Ph.D. candidate – Kinanthropology – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (estimated graduation 2024).


2018 – 2021 Bachelor's degree – Physiotherapy – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University.


2017 – 2020 Master's degree – Physical education and sport – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University.


2014 – 2017 Bachelor's degree – Physical education – Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava.

Physiotherapy Experience

2021 – present: CZ Basketball national team U18, Prague, CZ

2021 – present: Advance Training, Prague, CZ

2018-2021: Kladno Hospital, Kladno, CZ

2018-2021: Military University Hospital, Prague

2020-2021: Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun, Beroun, CZ

2019-2021: CLPA, Prague, CZ

2020-2021: Monáda Clinic, Prague, CZ

2018, 2019, 2021: Vršovice Hospital, Prague, CZ


Kamila Ondráčková BSc.

Movement and massage

At Roots, Kamila is helping individuals get stronger, mobile and teaching them how to use a simple exercise to complement chiropractic care. This is done in person or virtually. 

For her movement is not just a form of learning and personal development but also therapy and fun.

As a competitive rower, in 2016 she received a scholarship to study at Washington State University.


2015-2019: Kinesiology and Sport Science together with a minor in Psychology, Washington State University, WA, USA


2010: Physiotherapy in the Faculty of Physical Culture in Palacký University in Olomouc, CZ

2021: Sport and Regenerative Massage certification, University Palackého, Olomouc, CZ


Ema Dochnal

Nutrition and lifestyle coach

Ema, originally from Prague, is for listening to a gut feeling and loves to care. That´s also why she left the field of architecture and decided to make the passion for wellbeing, self-care, sustainable movement, holistic health and care for others her profession.

After years of movement practice and her own journey of self-healing from health issues, she continues to educate in different topics of wellbeing and health and shares this knowledge with her private clients.

She believes it´s not just about WHAT we do but also about HOW we do it so we avoid injury and pain, do it with enjoyment while enhancing and maintaining our health to work at our best.

In her spare time, she loves to walk in nature or around the market, read about nutrition, care about and cook for her closest.


2018: Yin and Yang Yoga teaching course, Bali

2019: DNS rehabilitation course level A, London, UK


2019: Buteyko Method Clinical International course, Cambridge, UK

2019: Nutrition coaching certification, Cambridge, UK


2 years of experience in Movement, body strength and performance under Jon Nicolson, Original Gym in Cambridge

What do our clients say?

Jan Kvita

Roots Health Clinic byla má první zkušenost s chiropraxí. K první návštěvě mě přiměl celostní přístup k problému, který Roots Health popisuje na svých webových stránkách. Skutečnost však předčila má očekávání. Marcin je skutečný profesionál s lidským přístupem a přesahem do životosprávy, pohybu a lékařství. Problém s krčním obratlem byl každou návštěvou lepší a zhruba po měsíci se cítím lépe než za poslední rok, co problémy začaly. Marcina rozhodně doporučuji - ať už při akutním problému, nebo lépe jako prevenci, pokud máte pocit, že něco přestává fungovat, jak má.

Katya M.

A couple of my colleagues (fitness instructors) recommended this clinic following a cycle accident. I've had great results and care from Marcin. My job is physically intense and my regular visits here keep me in top form and keep me working.

I've recommended this practice and Marcin to several of my fitness colleagues and friends too. 

Zuza Lotterová

Dokud jsem nenarazila na Roots Health Clinic, nemela jsem s chiropraxí žádné zkušenosti. Marcin a Ema jsou úžasní. Chiropraxe mi moc pomohla s mými bolestmi hlavy, krku a migrénami, naučila mě porozumět co mému tělu chybí a taky mě naučili cvičení pro celkové posílení těla. Marcin je odborník ve svém oboru.. hned po první návštěvě jsem se cítila skvěle a díky jeho péči je na mém stavu a kondici znát obrovský rozdíl.
Moc děkuju a budu se ráda vracet a doporučovat dál!

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