Acute pain vs. chronic pain

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Pain can arise for various reasons. Acute pain is associated with an injury and damage to tissue like a muscle, nerve, ligament or bone. Acute pain subsides as the injury heals and it can take anywhere for 4-6wks. 

Chronic pain is a different kind of beast. It can be no longer associated with the damaged tissue. It can be there for months or on/off over the years. 

Chronic pain can change how our bodies work, like turn off small stabilising muscles and turn on big ones that later become painful. Also it can make us more sensitive emotionally, disrupt digestion and interfere with our sleep...

Chronic pain can persists due to complications with:

- mechanics movement of our musculoskeletal system

- metabolism

- nervous system

- immune system

- lymphatic system

- nutrition

- emotional

- Breathing 

- Sleep

- medication

It is important to allow your body to heal after an injury and get out of the acute phase. If you are in the chronic pain phase then it is advised to work with someone who can take a holistic global approach to help you understand which areas they can help with and which you can work on to better resolve or better manage the chronic pain.


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