Tips to improve the immune system

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Our immunity is a dynamic system designed to defend us and to destroy what it perceives as harmful or not belonging.

The function of our immune system is tied into every aspect of our life and function. Due to this complexity, there are many ways to improve it and weaken it. Unfortunately, most of us recognise that something is wrong once the symptoms of illness have arrived and they prevent us from going on with our life as we would like.

In order to improve our immune system, we must perform an audit to evaluate what we can improve in terms of our nutrition, environment, movement, breathing, sleep, psychology, pain, and medication. Firstly, try to eliminate the obvious factors which may be weakening your system. Remember that it takes time to weaken it and it will take time to fix it.

Below are some general guidelines which we can follow:


· Eat a well-balanced diet that is nutritious. It should be easy to digest and not aggravate your digestive system or create an immune response. An immune response can often manifest as a running nose, bloating or exacerbation of pain after a meal. Before using supplements, work on improving the diet and make sure to eat regularly.

Vitamins and minerals that can help boost immune function:

- Vitamins: C, D, K2, A

- Zinc, Glycine, Lysine


· Be sure to get outside for a walk daily for at least 30 min. Focus on building a