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    Ema Dochnal

    Nutrition and lifestyle coach

    Ema, originally from Prague, is for listening to a gut feeling and loves to care. That´s also why she left the field of architecture and decided to make the passion for wellbeing, self-care, sustainable movement, holistic health and care for others her profession.

    After years of movement practice and her own journey of self-healing from health issues, she continues to educate in different topics of wellbeing and health and shares this knowledge with her private clients.

    She believes it´s not just about WHAT we do but also about HOW we do it so we avoid injury and pain, do it with enjoyment while enhancing and maintaining our health to work at our best.

    In her spare time, she loves to walk in nature or around the market, read about nutrition, care about and cook for her closest.


    2018: Yin and Yang Yoga teaching course, Bali

    2019: DNS rehabilitation course level A, London, UK

    2019: Buteyko Method Clinical International course, Cambridge, UK

    2019: Nutrition coaching certification, Cambridge, UK

    2 years of experience in Movement, body strength and performance under Jon Nicolson, Original Gym in Cambridge

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