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Guided Functional Movement 


Let´s teach your body to move and relax!

Functional movement is slower pace style movement activity working on flexibility, mobility, strength and relaxation. The main focus is on tiny details of every movement such as correct breathing, posture and safety to avoid injury or long term problems.

Often, people tend to jump straight to the extreme without addressing the basic. We make sure your movement is appropriate for you and for both your mental and physical health status and together with DNSButeyko breathing pattern, yoga and strength training we will help you form a stable and safe foundation for sustainable exercise in everyday life.


 She will help you with posture, flexibility and will make your body stronger and more resilient, plus it will help you to relax and learn to breathe properly.

Lino Cebey

  • getting the basics of movement for other sports activities or classes in the studio

  • improved balance, strength, mobility and stability

  • incorporation of DNS rehabilitation

  • recommendation for personal home practice 

  • classes in privacy and your time in person or virtually

  • a personal and closer relationship with the lector

  • addressing your own abilities and needs 

  1. Initial Movement class to assess your needs and discuss the further appointments plan with specific goals.

  2. Classes will be done one on one with a focus on the fundamentals of movement, breath control, stability, strength,  mobility and balance.

  3. The approach we outline for your rehabilitation or fitness training will depend on your goals, your health and your ability to practice outside of the Roots Clinic.


It is fully safe and appropriate for all ages and athletic capability of the individual. Just for every body :)

This service is available after an initial Chiropractic appointment only.


Check out how it works


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Do you want to discuss your case with us to see if the Roots approach is right for you?

Please, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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