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Fruit and Eggs

Get informed.
Get in charge.
Get well.


Sharing nutrition and lifestyle tips I wish I knew when I was 18 and put a skinny figure over my delicate woman health.




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Everything has a solution when you educate yourself about how your body works, start listening to its whispering and understand that you are in charge. Stop dieting and start nourishing.


Pregnant Woman in Nature

Hi girl, lady, mama, mama-to-be, mama-want-to be, goddess you! This is one complicated body we have got. It's super difficult to get around it, especially now, in this world full of expectations and tons of different information. Especially if you are sharing and giving your body, giving new life. So how to approach it? I believe there is only one way. To know how the body works and recognize what it needs at the given moment..

The approach I offer aims to educate anyone about how the body works and how certain foods and nutrition ideologies can work for or against it. This knowledge will guide you in your decisions forever, even after our coaching is over. It's about understanding your body and embodying some life tools. If you are looking for a concrete outline, scheduled protocol or detailed meal plan, this approach might not be for you.

We can meet online or in person. We will speak about what you want to work on and will try to find a solution together.

Couching is divided into categories and along "nutrition" itself touches different topics like mindset, non-toxic living, exercise, some motherhood tips and other aspects of our lifestyle which directly impact our health, fertility and wellbeing.

Together with consultations, I provide you with online content which is there for you to discover at your own pace, in your pijama, if you wish so. 



I hear you!  was there.. Wanting to do everything, everything on the highest level and especially get my figure perfect. But what is perfect? Back then my perception was very different from now. I put this idea of perfection over my fragile women's health, wrapped in all the information out there, disconnected from my own body and basic information about how the real body perfection (read health) can be achieved and how it actually looks like!

Yes, I had what I wanted - a lean body. But for what price? I paid by damaged metabolism, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid problems, cravings, anxiety, digestive and skin problems, irregular period, PCOS and being diagnosed as infertile, at such a young age! 

(Read detailed story here.)

Luckily, over the following years, I met the right people at the right time and was introduced to a very different idea - the idea of real health and how to achieve it. No shortcuts. I got my health back and soon gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy.

Pregnancy and especially the months after birth without sleep put my body under extra stress again. It was shocking to me how tired can a person be and still having to function. From what and how??

This experience deepened my interest in the topic, made me see it from a brand new perspective and made me realize AGAIN how delicate health is and how unique are different can phases and needs in life be within the same person.

Following our own body over some given structured diet/lifestyle approach requires constant adaptation, searching and changes depending on where we are right NOW. Getting informed and connected with the calling of the body are major tools for getting the body we want to live in and draw from.

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